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Weymouth In Old Postcards and Photographs
The Donkeys circa 1900s
No self respecting seaside resort would be without it’s Donkey Rides. the Downton family were responsible for the donkey rides at Weymouth for four generations. This particular picture captures so much of seaside life before the First World War. The Georgian Bathing Machines are there with  the large wheels. There is an Ice Cream Man with his barrow, known then as ‘The Hokey Pokey Man’. The origin of this name is uncertain but is believed to come from the cry of the Italian street sellers of Ice Cream which were ‘Gelati ecco un poco!’ (Ice Cream, here’s a little) or ‘O che poco’ (O how little) referring to it’s price, usually a penny, rather than the quantity. The Magnificent Seven look very stern as they sit on their mounts, including Lord Snooty in the straw boater
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